Coffee Beans Iced Coffee Frachillo Ice Blended Coffee Fusion 36 - Fruit Smoothies Cream Tea ( Hot or Cold) Black Tea ( Hot or Cold) Green Tea (Hot or Cold) Slush Smoothies Jelly Sinkers Hot Coffee (16oz or 20oz)


Fusion 36 Degree opened their doors in 2010. Since opening, business has been overwhelmingly expanded with new customers daily. Quality drinks that promise satisfying taste continues to be a major factor in Fusion's success.

"Fusion 36 Degrees promises if a drink of the menu is not liked, we will be glad to make any new drink for you for FREE."

We distribute wholesale products and equipments to restaurants and cafes locally and nationally. Products can be arranged to be delivered and dropped off within surrounding Houston, Texas area. Wholesale products include: coffee beans, tapioca balls, boba tea supplies, loose tea leaves, fruit jam for drinks, fruit syrup for drinks, cup sealers, syrup dispenser,  jumbo colorful straws, 24 oz clear plastic cups, 16 oz and 20 oz coffe cups, coffee lid, cup sleeves. Please create a login to access wholesale product list and make purchases.